It’s so easy in our modern life to glorify busyness. And it’s legit. We all have stuff to do. Important stuff to do.

The problem is when we don’t have balance and that lack of balance gets in the way of our mental and emotional health.

Sometimes we are even so far out of balance that we don’t even recognize it and we think that this is the baseline for what’s normal. And the truth is, it’s not normal to not slow down and take care of ourselves.

But then why do we keep doing it???

Well, I don’t have a great answer for that, but I do know that we need to not feel like it’s selfish to have self-care or more importantly that we don’t have time for it.

There are some things that are easy to consider as self-care and we are likely to make room for them in our daily or weekly routines. Such as: exercise, a good night sleep, eating well, not drinking too much.

But what about self-care like a long talk with a good friend? Or relaxing in the hammock on a Sunday afternoon (this is actually what I’m going to go do as soon as I’m done writing!!)? Or indulging in a massage or a trip for the weekend?

Or how’s about practicing self-care by being cognizant of your thoughts and emotions and giving them the same level of awareness and attention as you would your daily chores?

  • I want to expand your definition of self-care, so you are reaching all aspects of who you are. If we are only focusing on the physical aspects, you are missing the whole picture. And with that missing piece of not managing your mental and emotional health, it could even undo the good you are doing for your physical health.