I will utilize a mindfulness-based approach in my work. This includes cultivating a practice of increasing greater awareness and attention to the present moment and developing a deeper connection to oneself. By practicing to observe whatever is arising in the moment with curiosity and compassion, my intention is to help you break free from the habits and patterns that are no longer serving you, while simultaneously creating new healthy responses. While exploration of your past may be explored, my focus is on the present and how to help guide you to live your optimal life.
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Individual and Couples Therapy

Our therapeutic modality comes from a place of mindfulness in which we focus on being in the present, accepting what is arising in the moment, and how to create new habits and patterns that will get you unstuck from the habitual cycles that are no longer serving you. This also includes working towards being in alignment with your head and your heart, effective communication skills, speaking from your authenticity, and acknowledgement that growth and change are normal and healthy aspects of life.

Life Transitions

Whether you are transitioning to being single to married, married to parenthood, married to divorce, stay-at-home-parent to back into the workforce, retirement, empty-nester, career change, relocation, or any other significant transition, we are here to help release you from old stories in order to create a new working model for you to operate from. It is beneficial notice where you are getting stuck in the past, as well as your fears and anxieties about the future, all the while helping you become more present in who you are in the here and now.


There is no manual on how to parent, and often we find ourselves living by trial and error on what will work best with our kids. BAMTC offers individual sessions and group classes on how to not only survive, but thrive, in your parenthood. Drawing upon the foundations of a mindfulness practice, of increasing your presence, awareness and attention, you will learn how to respond not react, as well as role model the very behaviors you are wishing to see. Practicing presence, patience, compassion will increase the connection between you and your child, and create an authentic, peaceful relationship and home environment.

Stress and Anxiety Reduction

Mindfulness has been scientifically proven to reduce stress and anxiety and can be beneficial in almost any setting or situation. Being mindful allows us to be more aware of the triggers to our stress and anxiety, and as you learn to notice and acknowledge them, you become more skilled at not being swept away by them. When we are feeling overwhelmed, it is very difficult to access our tools, so through practice, you will learn to calm down the emotional brain and be able to utilize the tools that will benefit you overall well being.

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