Joree Rosenblatt is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, and has a Master’s in Counseling Psychology. She is the founder of The Bay Area Mindfulness and Therapy Center, located in Danville, which offers a range of therapy services for adults, as well as a variety of mindfulness and meditation classes.

Joree has cultivated a deep personal practice and has extensive professional training in mindfulness. She speaks at numerous conferences, both locally and nationally, on the cultivation and implementation of mindfulness into all aspects of life, including Mindfulness in Education and Mindful Parenting. Joree is also the author of, Squirmy Learns to be Mindful, a mindfulness book for kids that offers children tools on how to connect with their breath when feeling anxious, how be more present, and how to increase their gratitude and acceptance of whatever is arising. She has also written Take a Mindful Minute, a booklet designed for parents and kids to develop a joint practice in mindfulness. To order a copy of Squirmy or for a free download of the booklet, click here.

Joree lives in northern California with her two daughters. She is passionate about being a mom, loves to cook, travel, and go on mindfulness retreats. She practices mindfulness on a daily basis, credits it to changing her life by giving her the tools to live authentically with greater peace, happiness and presence.