So you may have noticed me using the phrase “Journey Forward” a lot in the past few months…

Before I tell you more about it, let me share a joke that I used to hear my mom tell while I was growing up: A surgeon, in the middle of surgery says, “Oops!” One of his assistants says to him, “I know what I mean when I say oops, what do you mean when you say oops?”

I love this joke because the surgeon saying “Oops!” can range from “Oh shit, I lost one of my surgical tools somewhere in this guy’s body!” to “Oh man, I forgot my lunch on the counter at home.”

Without clarification, even the most simple of phrases can take on multiple meanings.

I thought it’s time to really clarify and break down what I mean when I say Journey Forward, just in case you and I interpreted it differently. To me, it’s all about getting unstuck, and creating forward movement, getting yourself out of some old habit, pattern or mindset that is no longer working for you.

To Journey Forward doesn’t mean you have to make major shifts in your life. It can be a small as a 1% shift in doing something different, that’ll result in a different outcome. Because that 1% will grow over time and put you on a new trajectory, hopefully in a direction you’ve chosen with awareness, attention and intention (which happen to be 3 of my favorite words).

To Journey Forward means to create movement, not necessarily even knowing exactly where you will land (and letting that be okay!), but at least having the confidence that you are cultivating a positive change in your life.

To Journey Forward means to get off of autopilot and start living consciously. Be awake.

To Journey Forward means getting to know who you are in the here and now, and making choices and decisions that are in alignment with your head, your heart and your values.

To Journey Forward means not saying, “I’ll be happy when _____________” It’s being present and recognizing that there is no better NOW for living the life you deserve, or the one you’ve dreamed of.

To Journey Forward means to not living in fear or what-ifs. It’s learning to be with what is and honoring and accepting all emotions along the way, especially knowing that if you’re living in alignment, it’s all unfolding the way it’s supposed to.

To Journey Forward means to break free from believing all the thoughts that come into your mind, especially the negative ones, that are either simply untrue or are based on super old stories that no longer apply.

To Journey Forward means to finally do what you need to do to be happy. I mean like, really happy. And most importantly, to believe that you’re worth it.

So are you ready to Journey Forward???