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Week 3 – Online Class: Everyday Integration – Mindfulness, Mindset, Momentum

July 30 @ 10:00 am - 11:00 am

We all get stuck. We have challenges, difficulties, struggles – situational or long-term – that make it difficult to find our flow, joy and contentment through life. And the good news is that regardless of what we are experiencing, we can build skill to help us not only effectively manage it in the moment, but be able to create new habits long term. And lucky for us, science is on our side that tells us not only is long-term change is possible, but that how we think about what we are dealing with matters. Mindset is powerful, and through awareness and practice, we can build skills to strengthen that mindset to work for us, not against us.

This 6-week class will guide you through cultivating (or deepening) a mindfulness practice, while learning to develop a healthy mindset to allow you forward momentum to live fully, freely, and authentically. We will meet virtually each week for a one-hour live Zoom call (don’t worry – if you miss it, you can get the replay!). I will have “handouts” for each week, you will have exclusive access to weekly live meditations guided by me, and there will also be some “homework” choose you wish to deepen the tools in between classes.

I look forward to walking the JOURNEY FORWARD with you.


925 212 2996